5 Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy

Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy

With so many various sorts and models on the market, deciding which is the best match for you might be difficult. In this post, we’ll examine the characteristics of the best Orbeez guns to help you make an informed selection.

Orbeez Guns, also known as Gel BlastersSplat Guns, or water bead blasters, are toy weapons that fire tiny, multicolored water-absorbing beads known as Orbeez or gel balls. These toys have grown in popularity in recent years, giving a fun and safe method for individuals of all ages to engage in exciting combat without endangering others.

Big M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun

M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun

The Big M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun is an exciting and dynamic electric paintball gun that delivers unrivaled performance and style, earning a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Key stats:

• Firing rate: 14 rounds per second
• Range: 200 feet
• Battery life: 6-8 hours of continuous use

Any paintball devotee should purchase the Big M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun. A dynamic experience on the field is guaranteed by the formidable range of 200 feet and the remarkable 14 rounds per second of discharge. Moreover, the prolonged battery life of 6 to 8 hours allows participants to engage in lengthy matches without concerns regarding power depletion. Long-lasting use is ensured by the elegant and resilient design, which also imparts a professional aesthetic. This electric paintball rifle is an unstoppable force providing unparalleled performance.

On the other hand, the Big M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun might be too difficult for novices to operate due to its excessively advanced performance features. Individuals on a tight budget may also be dissuaded from acquiring this paintball rifle due to its comparatively high price. Furthermore, certain users may find the additional weight introduced by the electric components to be onerous, particularly when engaging in prolonged periods of play.

Pros and Cons:

The Big M416 Automatic Splat Ball Gun’s primary advantages are its remarkable performance, eye-catching design, and extended battery life. But certain players, especially novices or those on a budget, may find its complexity, weight, and potentially exorbitant price disadvantaged.

Best Orbeez Guns
5 Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy 7

Electric M4 Orbeez Gun

Electric M4 Orbeez Gun - 11.8inch

The Electric M4 Orbeez Gun is a thrilling and efficient automatic splat blaster that promises endless fun, earning a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key features include

  • Effective Range: up to 100 ft
  • Capacity of the magazine: 25 gel rounds
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries (not provided) are required.


The remarkable, effective range of up to 100 feet, the 25-gel round magazine capacity, and the automatic splatter function are all advantages that contribute to a thrilling and engaging experience. Comfort and simplicity of use are also provided by the robust construction and ergonomic design.


The disadvantages include the necessity to purchase four AA batteries individually, the risk of frequent reloading, and the chance of being unsuitable for smaller children owing to the strong automatic firing mechanism.

7.4V High-Speed Automatic M416 Splat Gun

7.4V High-Speed Automatic M416 Splat Gun
5 Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy 8

The 7.4V High-Speed Automatic M416 Splat Gun is a thrilling and engaging toy weapon that scores a solid 4.5 out of 5, providing users with hours of exciting, unique playtime experiences.

Key stats

– 1:1 scale model of the M4A1 rifle, offering a realistic appearance and feel
– Compatible with both water-filled Orbeez and gel balls for versatile ammunition
– Fully automatic, allowing users to enjoy continuous firing action


  • An actual 1:1 scale model
  • A wide range of ammo compatibility
  • Fully automated firing mechanism


  • Constant reloading may cause gameplay to be disrupted.
  • A realistic look might raise safety issues.
  • Due to the strong action and the presence of small bits, this product is not recommended for smaller children.

P90 Automatic Orbeez Gel Gun

P90 Automatic Orbeez Gel Gun
5 Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy 9

The P90 Automatic Orbeez Gel Gun is an incredibly fun and high-quality gel blaster, earning a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating for its impressive performance and realistic design.

Key stats

  • The velocity of fire: 230-240 feet per second (fps).
  • Capacity of the magazine: 300 gel balls
  • Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh lithium battery with a 4-hour continuous runtime


  • Realistic design,
  • high-capacity magazine,
  • impressive firing velocity,
  • durable battery with long-lasting performance,
  • suitable for various game styles.


  • Somewhat expensive,
  • potential environmental concerns with gel balls,
  • availability of replacement parts,
  • realistic design might not appeal to everyone.

Best Pistol Splat Gun

5 Best Orbeez Guns in 2023 You Should Buy 10

If you’re looking for a gel ball blaster pistol that’s perfect for outdoor play, Gel Ball Blaster Water Gun is a great choice.


  • Dual Shooting Mode: With a single click, switch between manual and automated modes.
  • Options for a double hopper: Equipped with a big capacity drum hopper that can contain up to 1500 gel balls.
  • The gel balls will shatter and dissipate after impact, leaving no mess.
  • It has a large drum can hold the maximum number of gel balls.


  • Occasionally, the blaster will stop feeding, necessitating some shaking and maintenance.
  • Lower Pressure: The pressure is lower than that of certain other gel blasters.
  • Inside Parts Made of Plastic: The inside parts are made of plastic and are prone to breaking.

What are the things to consider when buying the best Orbeez guns of 2023?

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Reviews

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