5 Best Water Guns for 2024

Prepare for summer fun with the greatest water guns to use at the pool, the beach, and epic backyard battles.

Summer days spent at the beach or pool require little more than a comfy beach blanket, dependable sunscreen, and a good book. If you want to have some extra fun in the sun, consider a good old-fashioned water gun fight. I set out to locate the greatest water pistols available, measuring range, accuracy, durability, and other factors.

Some of our top selections for the finest water guns are appropriate for pools, while others are better suited for usage in the garden or on beaches. During my testing, I discovered that some of these water cannons are especially not designed for such applications. Imagine buying a $149 water pistol for a fancy pool water gun battle (is that a thing?) only to spend the entire day moaning because you can’t even get it into the pool.

Or perhaps you want to chase your dogs around the yard with a brand-new water cannon, unleashing the wetness apocalypse on them, but you have to return to the kitchen sink for refills after each shot. Ugh.

Don’t worry about getting trapped in these dreadful conditions. I’m here to guide you through the greatest and worst water guns for your needs. Let’s have a look.

What Is A Water Bullet Gun?

Water Guns FAQs

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Gun?

A water gun, often known as a water pistol, water blaster, or squirt gun, is a toy gun that shoots water jets. Similar to water balloons, the toy’s primary use is to soak another person in a recreational activity such as a water battle.

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